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Koz pulled him up into a rough kiss, moving his hips with the younger mans to make his cock go deeper. He was being good and hadn’t uttered a single sound yet.

Jack mewled, tossing his head back and grabbing the sheets as he felt a wave of pleasure. He wasn’t ready to release yet, but he could feel Koz writhing under him. “Nnnng~ Koz! Fucking… shit!” Jack screeched, feeling Koz’s huge length pulse inside of him. Jack moved up and down, riding Koz slowly and fiercely. “You’re such a good boy~ staying quiet,” Jack cooed, humping him faster.

He but his lip and came hard, still moving his hips to give Jack the pleasure to cum as well. He pulled the young man down and kissed him roughly, nipping his lower lip before tasting his perfect mouth.


Anonymous asked:

"Ah..." Jack moaned softly, gripping onto the shoulders of the larger man. His eyes fluttered as he felt teeth graze his neck. "How... How would you like me to show you then?" ~starbucks-jack ((I tried to send this once but tumblr went weird and I'm not sure if it sent))





Koz grinned, leading him to the bedroom. “How about we play around a little.” He purred, slipping Jack’s shirt off and sucking a mark onto his collar bone.((yup, only got this one))

He started out slow, just experimenting to see how Kozmotis would react to each new thing he tried. He started to suck for a bit, then switched to bobbing up and down the length a bit before he finally settled on a rhythm with both, switching it up from time to time.

Jack moaned around him as he felt those fingers enter. The pleasure spurred him on further as he tried to  go deeper and take him in further. He grinded against the fingers inside him, trying to get more of that sensation.

Koz moaned and kept it up, fingering Jack and letting him suck his cock. He got closer and moaned louder. “Jack I’m going to cum!” He warned, tensing up and gripping the sheets with his free hand.

Now what was he supposed to do? He’d heard so many different things about this. How did that taste? Was he willing to find out? Either way, he knew he would have to make up his mind quickly. Jack was curious though. The thought of swallowing didn’t particularly revolt him, and it really actually sounded kinda sexy… Okay maybe he’d try it this one time.

Jack kept on going with even more vigor before. This was all just so exciting.

He came into Jack’s mouth and moaned loud. He pulled out when he was done, collapsing back and panting. “Jack, you are amazing.” He breathed. That was the best orgasm he’d ever had. He pulled the young man up and kissed him, tasting his own essence on Jack’s lips.

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